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Create Vouchers

If you want to increase your traffic and attract new customers, you can create vouchers to help you achieve your goal.

Discount codes (vouchers) can be created either directly through the dashboard or through the feed. The discount code can be added with a nominal or a percentage discount ( 30 € or 30%) . Find below the two ways you can create a voucher: 

1) Through the dashboard 

  • In your GLAMI account, navigate to Discount vouchers
  • In the middle right, click Add discount code
    • In the new page, configure your voucher. You can change any details of your voucher after it's been created.
    • Enter a Discount code name. This is just the name that will help you and your team track the voucher.
    • Give a Description of it.
    • Give the Discount code.
    • Select a start date and end date for your campaign.
    • Choose the Value of the discount code.
    • Enter the Minimum product price.
    • Navigate to Please choose how you will select categories for the voucher and choose the option "I will select categories manually".
    • Click Create.

2) Through the feed

Follow the same path as per above and choose the option "I will choose the Voucher ID through the feed" on the last step.

Take, then, the Voucher ID which was created in the administration section and insert it into the PROMOTION_ID element.