GLAMI Pixel refactor testing

We are excited to introduce our updated GLAMI Pixel which has undergone a significant refactoring. As our valued partners, we are seeking your cooperation and assistance in testing the new implementation.

To be able to test the refactored code, we would like to ask you to add additional (refactored) PX code to your site,alongside the current GLAMI PX code. Thanks to that, we will be able to receive and review your performance data from both sources and make sure that new refactored code works properly. Once the testing phase is done, we will let you know and the new code can be deleted. 

This guide will provide you with all the necessary instructions and details for the testing, to help us ensure that our GLAMI Pixel is functioning optimally. Your collaboration is essential to our mutual success and we appreciate your time and effort.

Should you encounter any difficulties or require further clarification regarding the GLAMI Pixel tracker implementation, please don't hesitate to reach out at

How to use new testing Pixel tracker

This is a simplified guide. Detailed changes, including practical code examples, are provided below this section.All occurrences need to be updated across all shops. Once the testing period ends, we will notify you. At that point, you'll need to remove the new pixel from your code. We will also disable the testing URL (/js/compiled/pixelTracker.js).

  1. Copy the GLAMI Pixel JavaScript load

  2. Copy the GLAMI Pixel call in all places (pageView, track, purchase) where you currently call it (as shown in screenshot 2).

    • Replace the object name glami with glamiRefactored.

Untitled (7)

Overview of changes

To ensure the successful implementation of the refactored code, we request your help in its testing phase. It's essential to operate the new tracker simultaneously with the old one. To help you understand the difference between old and new Pixel tracker, we've made key changes easily identifiable to prevent confusion or overlap between the old and new systems and also provided you with a full code example at the end of this file.

  • As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the GLAMI Pixel, we are introducing you with a refactored version. This new version, specifically designed for testing and validation, is readily accessible at // to prevent corrupting data and to ensure smooth transition after testing period.

    Note: It's possible that you're using a different domain. In this case, only the js/compiled/pixelTracker part should be changed.


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Untitled (5)

To prevent confusion with our tracking system, please add the suffix *Refactored to each tracker's name. This ensures no overlap with current trackers, preserving our data's integrity, see example below.


Untitled (6)


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Full code examples with refactored version

Multiple trackers on page