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How the categorization works on GLAMI and how to improve your feed

In this article we would like to help you in how to best prepare your feed so that your items will be categorized well in the GLAMI catalog.

Are you a GLAMI partner or considering becoming one? Thanks to correct categorization and assignment of tags such as colors, lengths, styles etc. more users will be able to find your products when searching on GLAMI. Thanks to the following tips you should be able to prepare your feed (even) better and start selling more!

How GLAMI categorizes your products

As you could imagine most of the tagging today on GLAMI is done by either Artificial Intelligence (AI) or automated tools. Only a small fraction of the products is tagged manually and mostly as a way of checking the results of the previously mentioned methods. In order to ensure correct tagging the quality of the feed is crucial, especially the product name, category text, product description and high quality product images. Those are the parameters that GLAMI AI looks into in the process of assigning categories and filters.

  • The product name can carry all the important information about the item: category, brand, color length or other relevant tags. What we do not accept are product IDs and product sizes which are an irrelevant information for the user
  • The category text needs to contain information about the gender and the deepest possible category, based on the GLAMI category structure. If anything is missing the probability of wrong categorization of incorrect assignment of the filters increases.
  • The product description should contain further details about the item. The more relevant information you provide us the better.
  • The product pictures are also very important as the AI is able to recognize many different parameters from it. It is therefore important to have the items on high contrast background and with as little other elements in it as possible

Overview of categories and tags on GLAMI

The always up-to-date GLAMI category tree and more information about the feed accepted by GLAMI can be found here or check the list of the tags. For more clarity we have prepared a presentation with practical examples of various filters you can use to get the maximum out of your feed on GLAMI. 

Download the presentation

What to do if my products have been wrongly categorized 

At GLAMI we always work on improving the quality of our tagging. Therefore if you ever find mistakes or have concerns about the quality of the tagging of your feed, please, contact your Account Manager.  We would be happy to check the results of the automated tagging and based on the status fix it or provide you with suggestions how to improve the results.