How to implement GLAMI PiXel

GLAMI PiXel can be implemented in various ways. Learn more about them and choose the one that suits you best.

📊 Implement PiXel using your e-shop solutions provider

If you are using a provider of e-shop solutions and integration with GLAMI is completed (see the list here), to implement PiXel you would only need to provide GLAMI API Key. You can find your API Key in GLAMI administration: After signing in, navigate to GLAMI PiXel > GLAMI piXel implementation guide for developers. Then, visit your provider's website and fill out the API Key.

🌐 Implement PiXel with the help from your developer

GLAMI PiXel is a code, that needs to be included in the source code of every page of your e-shop. We recommend asking your developer to take care of this task. For this we created a guide, which will help you with successful implementation: Implementation of GLAMi PiXel for developers.

In case you prefer using Google Tag Manager for PiXel implementation, see our guide.

Review implementation of GLAMI PiXel

You can review the implementation and make sure, that we receive all data. For more information, visit the link below:

💡If GLAMI PiXel is implemented correctly, the next day after implementation you should see the data GLAMI received in your dashboard - you will see stats of PiXel events in GLAMI PiXel > Statistics.