How to use GLAMI's Performance Report

GLAMI allows you to download a performance report that is containing all of the important metrics, without needing to log in the administration.

GLAMI Performance Report can be easily automated or shared with anyone who is taking care of your data. All you need to know is your Performance report API Key and the URL.

To find the API Key go to the Administration section and follow these steps:

  1. Click Shop Settings
  2. Then go to API Keys
  3. There you will find your Performance Report API Key

GLAMI Dashboard

Once you have your Performance Report API Key you can download the report from the following URL:[the_key_from_the_dashboard]/generate-feed/?from=2022-09-27&to=2023-02-26

  • Use country domain depending on GLAMI market you are registered at ( such as .cz, .sk, .hu, etc.)
  • You can simply adjust the URL to contain your unique API Key
  • The dates at the end of the URL can be adjusted to your liking, however
    • The from date cannot be older than 1 Year from today.
    • The to date cannot be newer than today. 

If you have any questions or you need help with the report let us know.