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In this element, you can add a product photo. When it comes to online shopping, photos replace the physical feel of the product. Therefore, the better the quality of the photo, the better the user experience.

  • Send real photos of the product, we do not accept photos edited online.
  • Send the photos without a watermark or logo.
  • Make sure the photo does not include any writing ex: a call for purchase.
  • Send the largest possible resolution.
  • Make sure you send photos in the proper sizes. The ideal image size is 1 500 px, with a width minimum of 500px. A white background is not taken into consideration.
  • The background of the photos should be white or light-colored.
  • Send only the product itself in this element. Images with models should be sent in a different element, called IMGURL_ALTERNATIVE.
  • Images are imported only once at the shop's registration. If you've made any changes to your image(s), you need to change the corresponding URL address so GLAMI can import it again.