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By using this element you can indicate the size system for the given product. This information helps GLAMI create accurate filters that users can apply to narrow down search results for their own size.

  • This parameter is required for all products with size systems other than EU (European) or INT (international).
  • Supported size systems are: AU, BR, CN, DE, EU, FR, IT, JP, MEX, RU, UK, US.
  • In the case of INT (international) sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, enter INT as VALue.
  • Always specify only one value under the element.
  • If you have mixed-size systems, make sure you use this SIZE_SYSTEM element. Without this, we cannot guarantee that sizes for your products will be displayed on GLAMI properly.
  • Make sure you state SIZE_SYSTEM in the correct format.. (EU Černá/85C should be: EU/85C).
  • Make sure you send the right value with the right size system. (EU 4 - doesn’t exist).