The importance of mandatory parameters in the feed for the best performance

Find more about elements that can affect your ranking and visibility in the catalogue.

Apart from CPC that influences heavily your products ranking, there are also other factors that  affect the listing of your products on GLAMI. We also take into consideration the customer’s buying behavior. The rank of your products is also influenced by the popularity of products based on the orders.

As we are often questioned by our partners, how to improve their feed, we put together tips here that can help your e-shop to get better ranking.

  • All obligatory elements are sent in the feed according to GLAMI specifications
  • Professional photos in sufficient resolution – Great photos help to increase conversion rates. Products with amateur-made photos have a much worse clickthrough rate. Your orders will cost more than products with attractive photos.
  • Sizes in stock – Always keep sizes in stock. On product tiles, we show both the size and the delivery price, and customers also decide on these factors.
  • Detailed categories for products in XML feed – Tag “CATEGORYTEXT” in XML feed must contain detailed categories. Please check the Category List in which the goods are listed. 
    If you are not able to provide categorization according to GLAMI specifications, make sure that the last chain of the category and gender are always provided (women's, men's, girls, boys).
  • Product properties
    In addition to detailed categorization, you can also assign a variety of filters to products, such as cut, type of sleeves, etc. These will help you get the products into the most detailed categories.
  • See the list of possible tag types for every category on GLAMI website and that values you can add into <PARAM_NAME>. For more details please check the feed specification.