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By sending the GLAMI category text, you can ensure that each product is going to appear in the correct category.

GLAMI needs this element to be very detailed so users can find the searched product in a very short amount of time. A detailed categorization provides quality traffic to your e-shop and gives the GLAMI user an enjoyable and easily accessible fashion search. If you provide a feed with poor categorization we can still work with it but we cannot guarantee that all your products will be placed under the correct categories. Though your products may be on GLAMI, they will not be well categorized, and may not be displayed to users who may be searching for that specific product.


  • For the best possible categorization use GLAMI categories.
  • If you are not able to provide categorization according to GLAMI specifications, make sure that the last chain of the category and gender are always provided.
  • Make sure that there is always one kind of product under each category.
  • Make sure you always provide gender - (women's, men's, girls, boys.)
  • Children's categories should always be divided into girls or boys.
  • CATEGORY_ID is not supported, only for web-developers usage. Please don’t replace CATEGORYTEXT with CATEGORY_ID.


<CATEGORYTEXT>Glami.cz | Women’s clothing and footwear | Women’s clothing | Dress</CATEGORYTEXT>