GLAMI Audiences - general information

Learn more about GLAMI Audiences, how you can benefit from its features and how to activate it.

What is GLAMI Audiences?

GLAMI Audiences is the latest result of our continuous effort to leverage data and show your products to the most relevant visitors of GLAMI.

Thanks to GLAMI Audiences, we identify users who viewed specific products on your website and show them the very same items on top of the category landing page on GLAMI.

You can benefit from GLAMI Audiences too! All you need to do it implement GLAMI Pixel in a way that supports Audiences. Read about it below.

What can GLAMI Audiences bring to your e-shop?

GLAMI Audiences bring you top positions and improved performance for no extra costs.

  1. Products through GLAMI Audiences are shown on top positions in the catalogue (on relevant category pages). 
  2. The top positions come with no extra cost. The CPC of your exit clicks stay the same. You are basically getting more visibility from extremely relevant visitors for no additional cost.
  3. Products shown through GLAMI audiences show significantly better performance and conversion potential.


How to activate GLAMI Audiences?

GLAMI Audiences is automatically activated for all providers who have correctly implemented ViewContent event in GLAMI Pixel.

You do not need to take any specific steps to activate GLAMI Audiences and there are no extra costs. You just need to make sure that your GLAMI Pixel works and is sending relevant data, which are later being used by Audiences.

Your GLAMI Pixel will support GLAMI Audiences in case you implemented the ViewContent event on your product detail page correctly. Specifically, please make sure that:

  1. You have implemented the GLAMI Pixel's ViewContent event (together with Pageview event) on product detail page. For details please refer to Pixel Documentation.
  2. The ViewContent event contains valid ITEM IDs.
  3. That ITEM IDs in Pixel are the same as ITEM IDs in your feed. We need this for product pairing.