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How much money to upload into a credit on GLAMI

Based on the size of your e-shop, here are the basic recommendations on how much credit to add into your account and what to do if the credits are spent slowly or fast.

If you are adding the credits for the first time, we suggest to decide based on the size of your e-shop.
  • For e-shop that has less than 500 items, we recommend to upload at least 100 EUR to get traffic and see which categories work the best for you.
  • For e-shop with over 500 items, we recommend charging min. 200 EUR.
  • After reviewing first results, you can start bidding. More about the bidding, check in What is bidding and how to bid.

If your credits are being used up very slowly:

  • You might be focused on a marginal segment of products, or you might have unattractive photos, high prices, lack of sizes, high delivery costs. These are all factors that minimize the clickthrough rates. In this case please review and update your feed if needed.
  • Start bidding !
If credits are used fast: 
  • This is the best possible situation – you have attractive products, your products are perfectly categorized, and therefore you have the best potential for large turnover from GLAMI.
  • Make sure to add enough credits for at least 14 days in Priority mode. Don’t forget to continuously evaluate the performance of each category.
  • Define your COS and start bidding on the categories where you have sufficient profit margins.
  • Do not let your credit run out, otherwise the score of your products will be lost and your products will lose the position in the catalogue.
  • If you cannot reach your target COS, get in touch with your BD Manager to help you optimize your results at GLAMI.