How to connect the new version of Google Analytics - GA4?

Guide to connecting the new version of Google Analytics version GA4 as a data source for GLAMI.

Connecting GA4 in Partner Administration

You must have this feature enabled to connect GA4.
If we have contacted you, you must have it enabled. In other cases, please contact us and we will work with you to turn it on.

  1. In your Partner Administration, under the GLAMI piXel tab, open the first Glami piXel option.

  2. Click on the Previous version of Conversion Optimizer button or go straight to this link.

  3. Click on the Connect e-commerce data button.

    If you already had an active connection, use the Cancel button to first deactivate that connection and then connect a new one.

  4. On the Google Login screen, select your account that has access to your GA4 account.

  5. On the next step, Login, grant the GLAMI application access to your GA4 account. Tick all available options.
  6. Once loaded, you will see the tracking accounts split into Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics. Select the GA4 account you want to connect and click Connect.
    You will then be redirected to the successful connection page.