What is an XML feed?

An XML feed is a file that contains a structured list of your products. GLAMI uses an XML feed to display your products in the GLAMI catalogue.

An XML feed is an essential part of your e-shop's success on GLAMI. During the course of shop sign-up, you will be required to provide an XML feed: a list of your products in a structured form. Once the URL address is provided, we automatically download your XML feed every hour in order to keep your product information up-to-date. 

The feed has a defined form and needs to be created by your programmer/webmaster, ideally according to the GLAMI specification.

Information about a product is provided in the feed using the individual elements of the feed.

There are two types of feed elements:

Mandatory elements - these elements are necessary for activating your e-shop. The information provided must be in line with GLAMI specifications.

Recommended elements - provide customers with more details about your products, such as material, colour, description.

You can learn more about the individual parameters in the next article.

Although we also accept XML feeds in different formats than the GLAMI format, your feed will have to be ideally formatted according to our feed specifications

It is important to note that we work with e-commerce platforms to make integration as simple as possible. You can find more information in the next article "Where you can create your XML feed".

💡Don't forget, a well-crafted XML feed is a key factor for good results.

If you still have a question about the feed, please check the GLAMI feed specifications
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