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Landing page for newly registered shops

Find all necessary information for your successful start on GLAMI in one place.

What is GLAMI?

GLAMI is a fashion search engine. We bring together offers from different e-shops and our product catalogue has more than 3 million products. We are active in 17 mostly EU markets with combined traffic of 40 million monthly sessions. Find more about us here.

Which business modes does GLAMI offer?

It is your choice, which of the two business modes suits your e-shop better:

  • Restricted mode (free) 
  • Priority mode (paid) 

Learn more about specifics of the business modes here.

What are the essentials for your success on GLAMI?

XML feed

XML feed is a file, which contains structured list of all your products and their details. Feed, that is structured well, will ensure the best possible positions in the GLAMI catalogue and will allow customers to discover your products using filters.

After a successful registration of your shop we will review the XML feed and notify you, if any adjustment is needed.

Want to learn more about XML feeds? Click here.


GLAMI PiXel allows us to display your products based on the customers' preferences. It is also a fundamental tool for tracking the shop's performance on GLAMI.

GLAMI PiXel is a Javascript code, that needs to be implemented to every page of your website. If PiXel is implemented correctly, it will provide us with information about various events happening on your site and enable us to display your products more effectively. This task might be quite complex, therefore we advise you to leave this task to your developer. You may find the guide on how to implement GLAMI PiXel here.

What value GLAMI PiXel brings to your shop?

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased number of orders
  • Lowered COS

If you want to learn more, please visit this link.

Next steps: how to optimise performance of your shop?

GLAMI allows you to take full control of your shop's performance. We prepared a list of suggestions, which might help you reach your desired goals. You will learn how to act in different scenarios, which might occur over the course of cooperation with GLAMI. Read more on how to optimise your shop's performance here.