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What to expect in the first few days after a successful sign-up?

Learn more about the activation process on GLAMI.

When you complete the sign-up process on GLAMI, we have some work to do. We check all provided information and settings to set your e-shop up for future success on GLAMI.

What can you do to get your e-shop activated as soon as possible?

Contact information: We check provided contact information and will let you know, if more information is required. Make sure all required information is provided correctly, you may check the information provided in GLAMI dashboard, section Settings and contact info.

XML feed: Your XML feed must be in line with the GLAMI specification, while performing a check we focus mainly on mandatory elements. If we come across an error, we will notify you via email and your task will be to fix the issue. Recommended elements are also very important, these help us categorize your products correctly and include them in various filters, which are being used by your potential customers on GLAMI.

GLAMI PiXel: In order to reach optimal performance of your e-shop it is inevitable to have tracking implemented correctly. For this reason we developed our own solution, which helps us to gather data about business events happening on your website. Furthermore, we use this data for advanced customer targeting, specifically on those who already had some interaction with your e-shop. You can learn more about GLAMI PiXel here. We will check the correctness of GLAMI PiXel implementation and will reach out to you if we identify incorrect implementation.

And that is it! If all information provided is in order, your e-shop is ready to be activated. We will inform you about the activation of your e-shop via email ✅.

What else is needed from you?

In order to benefit from everything GLAMI has to offer we strongly recommend to enroll into Priority mode, which will help your e-shop grow and fulfill its potential on GLAMI. Learn more about the benefits of the Priority mode here. The only thing you need to use the Priority mode is to top-up credit within the GLAMI dashboard. By doing this, your products  immediately reach premium ranking in the GLAMI product catalogue - this leads to higher order volumes and improved conversion rate 📈.