When can I see the first results on GLAMI?

After registration, our team will check the XML feed and the piXel implementation of your eshop and let you know if everything is working properly.

Once everything is working fine on the technical side, you can proceed with topping up. If you are not sure about the amount of money you need to top up for the first time, please check the article How much money to upload into a credit on GLAMI or consult your Account Manager.

GLAMI is an advanced search engine focusing on delivering fashion-specific traffic and new customers to eshops., thus you cannot expect seeing results one day or one week after topping up. 

GLAMI drives new uses &  acquisitions, thus our algorithm needs time to collect enough data to allow us optimise your results. One satisfactory period for collecting enough data is at least 1 month of priority mode (topped up). Once we have enough data of the performance of the eshop, we can proceed with optimisation. 

💡Please consult your Account Manager for further information