How to increase the revenue from GLAMI?

Having a great feed and a well - implemented piXel, are the first steps for achieving good results. But there are, also, many other elements to check for improving your performance.

Each eshop is unique and there are many ways to maximize traffic for your eshop. 


The basic steps you need to follow for improving your results are: 

1) Providing a detailed XML feed that follows our guidelines

2) Having a fully implemented and working piXel

3) Providing your Delivery & Payment details


In regards to the XML feed, please pay attention to:

  • Providing detailed categories in the XML feed
  • Having professional photos (with no logo or watermarks)
  • If possible, provide free shipping
  • Having sales
  • Adding vouchers by clicking "Discount codes" > "Add discount code" 
  • Well set pricing