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GLAMI introduction

GLAMI is a fashion search engine. We collect products from different e-shops and bring them together in our catalogue.

Our mission

Our mission is to gather and organize all fashion in one place for anyone to discover. We bring together product feeds from various e-shops to create a smooth shopping experience for customers. Our database currently has more than 3 million products. We are currently active in 17  markets with combined traffic of 40 million monthly sessions. Find more about us here.

✔️We specialize in fashion. We aggregate suitable e-shops with clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, handbags and jewelry in one place.

Customer experience

Each product displayed on GLAMI contains a link which redirects the potential customer to the related e-shop.


Thanks to advanced filtering and detailed categorization, it is easy for our users to find the fashion items that they are exactly looking for. Additionally, we offer a unique experience by customizing the way we list products based on past purchases, searches, and other user actions.

Product feeds

Products are uploaded to GLAMI using an external XML product feed which will be downloaded every hour in order to keep your offers up-to-date. (Stock, available sizes, delivery fees…). For more details about the XML feed see the article What is feed and why is it so important.