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GLAMI Dictionary

Key terms that will help you understand and use our dashboard more efficiently.

  • Administration – An advanced dashboard for managing all of your business settings. This interface is available upon login.
  • Statistics – Detailed statistics that are also available by category and brands. You can evaluate the efficiency of your campaigns and take the right decision on which category or product to bid on, in order to increase the number of customers sent from GLAMI.
  • Clicks – This is the total number of visits (exits) sent to your e-shop from GLAMI.
  • CPC – Cost per click (Please check the default CPC here).
  • Bidding – You have the option to increase the default CPC. You can increase the CPC for a specific category (for example Sneakers), which performs well for you. By bidding, you can expect your products to receive increased visibility, which results in more traffic and orders for your shop. You can bid through entire category in your dashboard and/or through an XML feed on the product level using the GLAMI_CPC parameter.
  • Costs – Your costs for the acquired traffic.
  • Orders – Number of orders sent to your shop (you must implement GLAMI PiXel for the tracking purposes in order to see this value).
  • CR – Conversion Rate – The conversion rate indicates how successful your store is in converting willing buyers. It is always expressed as a percentage, and represents the relationship between the orders you received and GLAMI users' exits. A good conversion rate is 1% or more than 1%, the higher the CR is, the better your shop's performance is.

    Example: Your shop received 25 orders from 870 exit clicks.

    CR = (25/870)*100
    CR = 2,87%
  • AOV – Average Order Value
  • Revenues – Total revenues generated by your e-shop.
  • COS – Cost Of Sale - Interprets what is your average cost per order. The main KPI for an e-merchant.
    Example: Your shop has costs of 643 EUR,  revenue of 2679 EUR.

    COS = 643/2679
    COS = 24%
  • GLAMI piXel –  A code that allows you to promote your products on GLAMI according to customer preferences and optimise your performance based on previous customer behavior. The GLAMI piXel is mandatory to guarantee an effective and successful cooperation with GLAMI. Learn more here.
  • Discount codes (vouchers) – If you have an event during which the customer gets a discount after applying a certain code, do not forget to include it in your GLAMI administration in the section Discount codes . The discount code can be on the entire assortment or on selected categories / brands, or also on discounted / non-discounted products. Twice a year you can also participate in our GLAMIDAYS event where we offer exclusive GLAMI discount codes from our partners for our customers.
  • GLAMIDAYS – An event with exclusive discount coupons for our customers that is held once a year. In order to participate, all you need to do is to provide GLAMI with an exclusive discount code and to be in the priority mode. For more details, please check the article about GLAMIDAYS.
  • GLAMI CSS – Links to the products from your e-shop can also be displayed on third-party networks such as Google CSS program. The GLAMI CSS automatically includes all partners who have priority mode and tracking. Currently we offer GLAMI CSS at GLAMI.cz, GLAMI.sk, GLAMI.gr, GLAMI.hu and GLAMI.ro. For more information about GLAMI CSS visit this link.