Common mistakes in GLAMI feed and how to avoid them

Great feed is a key to success. Here you can find the most common mistakes and how to avoid/fix them.

1. Why are the products not appearing in categories on GLAMI?

The most common reason is insufficiently filled categories – The Tag “CATEGORYTEXT” in many cases does not indicate in enough detail the category. In some cases it indicates multiple categories, such as “Dresses and skirts” or very general categories such as “Women’s shoes”. Products with such tags can not be classified into all appropriate categories and that is why you may lose potential customers. Try to be as specif as possible in the categorization.

💡 For the best categorization use the list of GLAMI categories!

If you enter the category or tag correctly into an XML feed (tag CATEGORYTEXT), the system automatically merges the tag or category. 
If you have a newly approved store or a new feed, wait for the categorization for at least 5 business days.

2. How to check if the photos are good size?

Low quality photos, or photos without transparent background – these shortcomings cause your lower clickthrough rates for your products. Here are the requirement to have in mind regarding pictures:

  • The minimum size is 500 x 500 px.
  • The ideal image size is at least 1 500 px in width.
  • The white background of the product is not counted in the size! 

3. What about the sizes? How to make sure the format is good for GLAMI?

Verify twice that you are sending the size correctly in the GLAMI feed, that the feed is in in the correct format (mind case sensitivity), and that you are sending us one size per one SHOPITEM. In order to show sizes in the correct format, we recommend adding the size system to the XML feed. Specification can be found here.

4. What to add in the delivery date?

The mandatory feed item delivery date is often missing. By using this element you can let users know whether the product is available, in stock or out of stock.

  • Goods in stock should be indicated as follows:
  • If the item is not presently in stock, but will be in ex: 5 days time, indicate the value 5:

5. What is the good description and title of the product?

Product name “Shoes” or empty description is a common mistake. Both description and the title help GLAMI keyword-based robots to offer products in similar products, additionally categorize or recommend. With a label and the right name, you will make your products more visible to our customers and you will get more traffic from GLAMI. 

Dos Don'ts
We always recommend to add gender (women’s, men’s, girls, boys.), material, color, and other product features alongside the name of the product. Do not state any irrelevant information in this element, such as “free delivery”, “free gift” etc.

Provide the same value for the GLAMI piXel – parameter PRODUCTNAME. Otherwise GLAMI piXel will not work properly. Do not add sizes in the product name. Sizes do not belong into a product name and we will not be able to activate your shop. 
<PRODUCTNAME>Woman ankle leather shoes</PRODUCTNAME>
<title>Morton peep toe - Vegan 36<title>