What to do if you receive GLAMI feed error message

GLAMI feed error message can occur after you just register your e-shop, or in later stages. It is important to fix the error within 48h to keep your e-shop active. To help you with that, GLAMI sends you detailed error message.

In case we are not able to import your XML link, you will receive automatic email including an error message. It is important to check the error message and fix it within 48h.

💡 If the errors are still present after 48 hours, your e-shop will not be displayed on GLAMI, until the errors are fixed.

Email includes the detailed information why XML link is not working, ex. URL is not found, no price information included, no items imported and so on. Please check example below.

If you are not sure where the error is coming from or how to fix it, please be advised to get in touch with your Account Manager who will be able to provide more details and help with the matter.