Different scenarios of bad performance

There are different scenarios of bad performance that you might face with. Below you may find some and the steps you can take to improve the performance.

  • Low number of clicks: What can you do to increase the clicks of your eshop?

    You most likely have new competition within the category that is important for you. In this case you can:

    • Optimize your traffic by bidding for the best performing categories. 
    • Double check the quality of photos and provide more photos, wherever possible.
    • Make sure you have all the necessary information regarding the Delivery options filled in.
    • Create vouchers to attract a more focused group of customers. 

    Low conversion rate (CR): How to improve the CR? 

    Low CR (conversion rate) may be caused by many factors. Some categories, such as dresses, underwear, or swimwear – might attract more clicks but let exits, simply because the curiosity is higher than willingness to buy. The COS for these categories is higher and it is common.

    Low CR for other categories may be caused by different factors, such as unknown brands, site errors, or complicated buying processes. For example, the customer is looking for a shopping cart button, how to choose the size, how to open the shopping cart, how to turn off the pop up window with a 10% discount after registration to the newsletter or the eshop ihas no user friendly mobile version. All of the above factors, can result in the customer leaving your eshop without making an order, and lowering your conversion rate significantly.

    To prevent such situations:

    • Have the buying process checked by a UX (User Experience) expert on all available devices (PC with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
    • Keep the purchase process as simple as possible. Let your friend perform a test order and see how they behave - what is they are looking for, and where do they get stuck, if so. This can help you improve the process. 
    • Ideally, have a free shipping on all products.
    • Keep the delivery time as short as possible.
    • Have a range of quality photos.

    Low ranking in specific categories: How to increase the ranking of the products?

    Higher raking can be achieved by a combination of moves.

    As a first step, try increasing your bidding for the best performing categories, even by hundreds of percent. 

    Then, you can create voucher for the categories you'd like to have better ranking.

    Please keep in mind that although CPC heavily influences your products ranking, there are a numbers of other factors that also affect the ranking of your products on GLAMI. We also take into consideration the customer’s buying behaviour. The rank of products is also influenced by the popularity of products based on orders.

    Traffic on eshop: How to increase the traffic on the eshop?

    There are a couple of options that you have at your disposal. 

    • Bidding on the best performing categories, try even hundreds of percent to move your products to the top of the categories. Always define the target COS. The COS will increase alongside the higher cost-per-click that you setup by bidding. Start evaluating statistically significant data (ideally more than 1000 clicks per category).
    • Review the categorization of your products and add additional parameters to categorize the product into more detailed categories. Make sure you follow GLAMI's guidelines.

    For more information on how to improve the feed, please refer to the article The importance of mandatory parameters in the feed for the best performance.

    AOV low: How to maximise the AOV?

    The average order value (AOV) of the order depends on the goods you offer. If you would like to maximise AOV and improve COS, try our recommendations: 

    • Make sure your e-shop offers competitive prices, add free shipping if possible or add discounts codes. 💡In the cart, you can offer similar products to cross-sell.
    • Try to expand your assortment to include more expensive products.
    💡 To help you to understand stats better, please get familiar with GLAMI vocabulary.